Digital Marketing Courses I Recommend

I have gotten a lot of messages from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram of people asking me “What’s the best way to get into digital marketing”.

Digital marketing is a big industry and there are a lot of niches or channels that you could focus on, like paid advertising, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, and so on.

Knowing what you want to focus on might not be clear if you’re just starting out.

So I’m going to recommend the ULTIMATE course for beginners first, and categorize the rest based on different channels.

These are the courses that I’ve personally taken, BTW! I’m not listing everything – only the ones that I think worth recommending. 😊

*I may earn some affiliate commissions if you purchase some courses here. It won’t be any additional cost for you, but it’ll help me pay this website’s hosting fee.

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners

full stack digital marketing masterclass rich niche winathefreelancer

Full-Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass by Rich Niche (Paid)

I had paid for so many courses in digital marketing – spent thousands on them! But this is the ONLY course that I had gotten and be wow-ed watching every single video.

So much value. It goes from theory, to practicality and to implementation.

It covers almost all aspects of digital marketing and will give you an overview of the industry – content, funnel, offers, FB ads, Google ads, etc. Remember it’s an overview – it’s not gonna spoon-feed you on every single step.

They also have a Discord channel of all digital marketers of all levels. It’s definitely one of the best things that came with the course!

I honestly wanted to gatekeep this as much as I could haha but it’s not fair. This is the best digital marketing course I’ve taken. Hands down!

The course is not cheap (from $249) – but they do give discounts to emerging countries. So take advantage of that, ok!

Check Out The Course Here

Paid Advertising Courses

But if you already know that you want to focus on paid advertising, there are only 3 courses that I would recommend – and they are all from the OG themselves!

Remember, once you conquer Facebook and Meta, it’s so much easier for you to jump ship to another platforms like TikTok, Bing, etc. These 2 are the hardest and once you’re an expert on these 2 platforms, you’re good to go, boo boo!

meta blueprint winathefreelancer

Meta Blueprint (FREE)

There are a lot of different trainings you could take from Meta, but once you click on the button below, I recommend going through “Associate” level and “Professional” level.

And if you do want to go into creative, take the “Creative Strategy Certification” too.

This is to get your fundamentals right. Know how the platform, the buying, the tracking all work. It’s a must if you want to go into FB ads media buying.

Go To Meta Blueprint Now
google skillshop winathefreelancer

Skillshop by Google (FREE)

The next training you should get is from Google itself. Once you study, I really recommend to sit for the test and get those certifications.

Remember those certifications will expire but I’ve never gone into an interview where they ask when was the last time I sat for the exam. So don’t worry about that!

Take as many tests as possible. But I recommend start with Search and Display first 🙂

Go to Google Skillshop Now

google courses winathefreelancer

Digital Marketing & E-Com Certificate by Google (PAID)

This is optional, but would be beneficial to those that want to get into e-Commerce.

It covers from end to end, so you’re not only learning 1 channel at a time. Free trial for the first 7 days, and then $14/month.

Go to Coursera Now

SEO Course

the authority site system winathefreelancer

The Authority Site System (PAID)

This course is actually meant for people who want to create websites and earn from them – basically for bloggers.

But it’s the MOST complete SEO course that I’ve ever paid for. And some of the students also managed to actually land jobs in digital marketing as an SEO specialist after going through the course.

I shall warn you that the course is not cheap. It used to be 50% off when I purchased it.

But if you do have extra money and want to pursue SEO or create websites of your own, this is the best course you could take.

Check Out TASS Now

Social Media Management Course

To be honest, I still don’t think I’ve found the BEST social media course out there – probably because I never truly pursue organic social media marketing 😅

That said, I’ve gone through some and below are the ones that worth recommending. The only thing is that, none of them is a full package. You will learn a few things from each but not one is gonna give you everything you need.

rachel miller social system winathefreelancer

Social System by Rachel Miller (PAID)

This I think would be the best course for you to learn your audience and how to batch the hell out of your content haha!

You’ll learn how to create 100 posts ideas that will relate back to your audience.

I love Rachel’s energy – and she’s definitely one of the OGs in social media marketing, rubbing shoulders with Russel Brunson and Tony Robbins alike.

This course is a fraction of her full on course. I don’t think you need to take the full course (about $999), this quick and simple one from her is already sufficient ($29).

Check Out Social System Now
buwatje winathefreelancer

Content Startup Gameplan by BuwatJe (PAID)

I haven’t taken many local courses but this one definitely stood out for me cause there was so much value.

Unfortunately, BuwatJe hasn’t planned for any future classes but you can still follow them, in case they do open up a class one day.

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