Let’s get to know each other better first to see if we’d make a good team!

 If you go on a car ride with me, there’s a 90% chance that I’ll bore you to sleep with my endless thoughts and observations on all those random highway billboards.

Some billboards are awesome and definitely there to inspire your next campaign…
but often, they teach you on what not to do when putting up your money for marketing.

There are just so much you can learn by looking out and seeing how other companies market their products and services.

“And the point of you telling us all this, Wina….? 🙄”

Well, learning marketing tricks is just a part of ME, my life, my everyday thing. I’m just very geek-ed out on all things marketing!

And now, I wanna see how I can geek out over your product & your business 😉

I’ve been in the industry for over 7 years now,
nerd-ing over Facebook Ads since 2015!

Had my fair share of experience working in the corporate environment, for the biggest names in Aviation and Advertising industry.

And now having the best experience working for small & medium sized businesses, taking charge of their Facebook marketing!

(Ok yes I know, I’m all about Facebook yet the picture was in Google’s office. But, if I’m being honest, Google had a better-looking office – at that time :p)

 I have worked with a start-up, a corporate; ✈️ AirAsia as their in-house digital marketing team..

A marketing agency where I serviced the entire Consumer Division Brands (Maybelline, Garner, L’Oreal Paris, NYX) as their Digital Manager and Strategist. 💄

And now happy to be working with and helping small and medium sized-companies optimizing their online marketing efforts!

You can always drop me an email at hi@winathefreelancer.com – just email me, I don’t bite 😀

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