If you’re still not seeing results with your FB ads, then you might be making these mistakes...

❌ You only watched YouTube tutorials on how to get started with FB ads.

❌ You enrolled into a cookie cutter Facebook course, that’s supposed to work for every single business out there.

❌ You hired someone to help you set up your first 3 campaigns and that’s it – no audit and no management.

The problem with these 3 options above are that they are squeezing all businesses into a box, when all businesses are unique to one another.

If you’ve wasted money and no longer have confidence in running FB ads, here’s what you need:

✅ You need someone to help you audit not only your FB ads but the whole customer flow from front till the very end.

✅ You need someone that can you help you manage your ads while still care about your bottom line.

And I care about your company’s bottom line.

As a media buyer, I don’t only look at your FB ads number. I also look at

🟢 your customer and their ad journey,
🟢 your copywriting,
🟢 your content,
🟢 your creative strategy,
🟢 your website conversion rate,
🟢 your business stats, and
🟢 all the other factors that can affect the profitability of your ads.

It’s your hard-earned money to pay for ads, and I respect every single penny.

I don’t and won’t promise to turn things around 180 degree in a month. If you need that kind of results, I’m not your person.

I believe change takes time, optimization takes time.

But what I can promise you is my accountability in making sure that your ads are working for your business, not against it.

Just like how I helped… 👇

one of my clients go from getting leads at $6/lead to less than $2/lead.

And how I transformed those leads to becoming the highest quality & making sure the business is making profits straight away with their high-ticket courses.

Or how I made sure a new home renovator client reduce their cost per lead by 50%.

And made the company profitable within 3 months into the business, with only 1 traffic source – FB ads.

Or how I scaled this e-com client’s ad account 3x, while doubling their ROAS at the same time!

The brand went from doing $70k/month in sales, now projecting to hit at least $200k every single month.

If you’re ready to see how you can get support with FB ads, from not knowing how FB ads work to making FB ads work for your business…

I am opening coaching sessions where we can work together to fix, and scale your FB ads to the moon 🌛

This is great for:
✅ brands that are just starting out,
✅ brands that want to scale, and
✅ for business owners or freelancers that want to understand FB ads better.

Up for it? Schedule our call below 🙂

What my clients have said about me…

You can always drop me an email at hi@winathefreelancer.com – just email me, I don’t bite 😀

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